Top 10 (or so) professors personal ringtones (that shouldn’t go off in class).

– ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ by Queen

– Anything by Justin Bieber!

– ‘My heart will go on’ by Celine Dion

– ‘I’ll make love to you’ by Boyz II Men

– ‘Baby got back (I like big butts)’ by Sir Mix-a-Lot

– ‘Hot for teacher’ by Van Halen

– ‘Like a Virgin’ by Madonna

– ‘Me So Horny’ by 2 Live Crew

– ‘I can’t get no satisfaction’ by the Rolling Stones

– ‘Mrs. Brown you have a lovely daughter’ by Herman’s Hermits.

– ‘Tonight I’m f#@!g you’ by Enrique Iglesias

– ‘Don’t stand so close to me’ by The Police

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