How to stop students from f***ing swearing in your class.

“When your brain fertilizer fails to rid of the weeds in your neurons, you swear them out. The more you swear, the more weeds you must have in your brain.”

–Phil Jones, Professor

Dropping the F-bomb

Alternatives for the ‘F-word’? Friggin’, Frickin’, ‘Freakin’,’Flippin’ ‘Fudge’, ‘Fiddlesticks’, ‘F’!

“Thanks for a great class sir…it was really f***ing interesting!” Yes, a student actually came up to me at the end of a class and said those exact words; all with the nonchalance of a siamese cat after it has scratched the crap out of one of your favourite chairs.

Throughout the years, I have heard ‘S’ bombs, ‘F’ bombs, and all the other ‘Consonant’ bombs spew out of the mouths of students while in the classroom. One student actually swore during his presentation, and unfortunately for him, an ‘F’ bomb meant an ‘F’ grade. So, why have swear words seem to have become so rampant these days, and how can you ‘nip it’ if you [Read more…]

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