Top 10 (or so) things I learned on the picket line.

-You find yourself reminiscing about your teenage years because that’s the last time when you were making minimum wage.

-Walking the picket line is great material for your future best-seller: ‘How to lose 5 lbs. a week walking a picket line’.

-Most of the people who drive by honking their horns and giving you ‘the finger’ are driving way over the speed limit.

-You now have a captive audience to show off your new ‘Fitbit’ and bore them with how many steps you’ve taken…every half hour.

-That faculty member, who you have embarrassingly walked past every day in the hall for the last 10 years, actually has a name.

-Every time you exit the portable toilet, a car is driving by with the driver looking at you thinking, ‘Eww, gross…that person just used a portable toilet.’

-Nothing bonds faculty together like sharing a portable toilet and a box of stale donuts.

-Nobody walking the picket line gives a sh*t anymore about their fashion-sense.

-Holding a sign for 4 hours is a good forearm workout.

-The picket line is probably not the best place to ask someone out on a date.

-You look forward to getting back and teaching your students!

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