How to make cool looking slides using a MacBook, an iPad, and ‘Paper 53’.

Einstein adapting to change

This is a sample of a slide that I created using a MacBook, iPad, and an iPad app called, ‘Paper 53’. The entire process is outlined in this post!

During my sabbatical last year, one of my objectives was to find other alternatives to using PowerPoint to create my slides. I experimented with different techniques until I came up with a winning combination that involved using a Mac, an iPad, and a very cool drawing app called ‘Paper 53’.

In order to do this, you’ll need to have ‘Keynote’ on your Macbook, and both the ‘Keynote’ and ‘Paper 53’ apps on your iPad. You will also need an ‘iCloud’ account. Mac works seamlessly, so this entire process is very smooth. Don’t worry if [Read more…]

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All profs should watch a Steve Jobs presentation.

An Apple store window covered in R.I.P. post-it notes.

When I watched the video of Steve Jobs delivering his keynote presentation at the WWDC on June 6, 2011, I, like many others, didn’t realize that it would be his last. Today, as I read his biography, ‘Steve Jobs’, by Walter Isaacson, one quickly realizes that he was not only a visionary, entrepreneur, and creative genius, but he was also a master at presenting. The [Read more…]

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The final countdown: digital timers for Mac users.

This timer looks like the countdown at the beginning of the TV series, "24". Go to to see more.

I went on a search for a countdown timer that I can put directly into my ‘Keynote’ presentation slides. I came across a free download of a digital timer from a website called, ipresentee. It has a pretty cool graphic (see image attached to this post as an example) and you can customize the countdown. I usually set my timer for mid-class breaks at 12:37 seconds. It’s a different spin on how to tell students that we don’t start back ‘around’ 12 minutes, but specifically at 12:37! When you say, “let’s take a 10 minute break”, it sounds too general and students stroll [Read more…]

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