My first attempt at a midterm review video.

This is my first attempt at using a combination of iMovie, Garageband, iPad apps, and video recording tools that I have been experimenting with during the last couple of months. I wanted to try it all out, so I put together this midterm review. As you watch, you’ll hear some sound bites from Garageband thrown in. At the end, to lighten it up, I put in a finishing clip of me banging on my drums! I’ll be posting new and improved videos as I get more comfortable (and faster) at putting these together. When I read about how profs will be making online videos all the time in the future, it’s easier said than done; trust me, its awkward to be talking into a small camera in a room by yourself versus talking naturally to a classroom of students. Plus, it’s a lot more time consuming to put something like this together then most would think (literally hours). Once I do ‘nail’ this process down, I’ll share it. I’m sure I’ll cringe a year from now when I watch this, but sometimes you just have to put it out there for the greater good! Anyway, it may give you some ideas on what can be done with video.


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How to make cool looking slides using a MacBook, an iPad, and ‘Paper 53’.

Einstein adapting to change

This is a sample of a slide that I created using a MacBook, iPad, and an iPad app called, ‘Paper 53’. The entire process is outlined in this post!

During my sabbatical last year, one of my objectives was to find other alternatives to using PowerPoint to create my slides. I experimented with different techniques until I came up with a winning combination that involved using a Mac, an iPad, and a very cool drawing app called ‘Paper 53’.

In order to do this, you’ll need to have ‘Keynote’ on your Macbook, and both the ‘Keynote’ and ‘Paper 53’ apps on your iPad. You will also need an ‘iCloud’ account. Mac works seamlessly, so this entire process is very smooth. Don’t worry if [Read more…]

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iPads are the new Slate Boards.

From Slate Boards to Tablets

The more things change…

Old is new. It’s a concept that can be seen throughout history. I never paid much attention to this concept back in school, or even bothered to take the time to learn about history because, like many Baby Boomers back in the 60’s and 70’s, history class during those school years was most likely one of the most boring classes that we all were forced to sit through. If only we had iPads back then. [Read more…]

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