The lecture is NOT dead.

Jim Morrison gravesite, Paris, France

The lecture is not dead. Jim Morrison, well…is? Standing at Jim Morrison’s gravesite in Paris, France.

With the surge of online education businesses popping up, I keep reading articles that students don’t learn anymore from listening to classroom lectures and sitting there taking notes; that the classroom lecture is ‘dead’. Well, of course students’ don’t learn from lectures if they take poor notes, are constantly distracted by texting, tweeting, and Facebooking, and even more importantly, never repeatedly reviewing their notes after the class has finished. I don’t know about you, [Read more…]

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Ten (or so) websites professors should know about.

  1. The Times Higher Education-
  2. Huffington Post-
  3. Higher Education Strategy Associates- Can subscribe to their ‘One thought to start your day’.
  4. Canadian Journal of Higher Education-
  5. Rate My Professors- Don’t take it personally. I’d be more interested on what’s said on their Facebook pages.
  6. College Humour- Keep on top of what today’s college students consider to be funny. 18+ ‘viewer discretion advised’ for some of the content.
  7. The Chronicle of Higher Education-
  8. Quotes about college-
  9. The Teaching Professor Conference- This year (2012) will be held in Washington, D.C.
  10. “Community” TV series about life at a community college. You’ll get some laughs from it! Great characters and you’ll recognize many of the actors. You can go to You Tube and see the trailer at:
  11. Edutopia – a great site for keeping on top of what is happening with students in the classroom before they get to college. 

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