How to make cool looking slides using a MacBook, an iPad, and ‘Paper 53’.

Einstein adapting to change

This is a sample of a slide that I created using a MacBook, iPad, and an iPad app called, ‘Paper 53’. The entire process is outlined in this post!

During my sabbatical last year, one of my objectives was to find other alternatives to using PowerPoint to create my slides. I experimented with different techniques until I came up with a winning combination that involved using a Mac, an iPad, and a very cool drawing app called ‘Paper 53’.

In order to do this, you’ll need to have ‘Keynote’ on your Macbook, and both the ‘Keynote’ and ‘Paper 53’ apps on your iPad. You will also need an ‘iCloud’ account. Mac works seamlessly, so this entire process is very smooth. Don’t worry if [Read more…]

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Einstein and I at The Humboldt University of Berlin.

Phil Jones with Albert Einstein

“When did you meet Einstein sir?” –student (no, really, it’s true.)

On my trip to Berlin, Germany, during my sabbatical, I had a pre-written checklist of ‘things to do’. Near the top of that list was to see The Humboldt University of Berlin, one of Berlin’s oldest universities founded in 1810 (there’s your history lesson). Conveniently, it just happened to be only a 15 minute walk from my hotel. By the way, if you ever go to Berlin, check out ‘The Melia‘ hotel. I found it to [Read more…]

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