Books I’m reading: ‘Be the Media’, by David Mathison

21st century social media trends.

I first stumbled upon David Mathison’s book, *’Be the Media‘ (*affiliate link), after searching iTunes for podcasts that discussed ‘new media’ trends. Since I wanted to ‘get up to speed’ on the subject during my sabbatical, I downloaded the ‘Be the Media’ podcasts onto my iPod to listen to on my walks. I found that the interviews, featuring guests such as marketing expert Seth Godin, Craigslist’s Craig Newmark, and Woodstock creator Michael Lang, were both entertaining and informative, so I decided to check out the book’s table of contents on the ‘Be the Media’ website. It was exactly what I was interested in, so I made the purchase. Plus, there was a “must read” endorsement by talk show host [Read more…]

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Burn fat, boost metabolism, and increase brain power during your summer vacation.

Boost your brain power

Boost your metabolism and brain power at the same time.

As Professors, we all know how scarce time can be when it comes to spending blocks of time to ‘overlearn’. Where do you find the time to keep up on recent studies and research, or future trends in your area of expertise? Once a semester begins, most of us only have time to focus on our courses and the administrative tasks that accompany them. So, I’d [Read more…]

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