iPads are the new Slate Boards.

From Slate Boards to Tablets

The more things change…

Old is new. It’s a concept that can be seen throughout history. I never paid much attention to this concept back in school, or even bothered to take the time to learn about history because, like many Baby Boomers back in the 60’s and 70’s, history class during those school years was most likely one of the most boring classes that we all were forced to sit through. If only we had iPads back then. [Read more…]

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The final countdown: digital timers for Mac users.

This timer looks like the countdown at the beginning of the TV series, "24". Go to ipresentee.com to see more.

I went on a search for a countdown timer that I can put directly into my ‘Keynote’ presentation slides. I came across a free download of a digital timer from a website called, ipresentee. It has a pretty cool graphic (see image attached to this post as an example) and you can customize the countdown. I usually set my timer for mid-class breaks at 12:37 seconds. It’s a different spin on how to tell students that we don’t start back ‘around’ 12 minutes, but specifically at 12:37! When you say, “let’s take a 10 minute break”, it sounds too general and students stroll [Read more…]

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