Top 10 (or so) things students said to each other during the first day of class.

– “Where’s the Professor?”

– “Not bad, I’ll give her a 7/10…if she wasn’t over 50…maybe an 8.5/10.”

– “He was probably pretty hot when he was younger.”

– “Psst…check out this Youtube video, it’s hilarious!”

– “Do you know of any places near the college where I can park for free?”

– “I guess the class started without me?”

– “Whaddya mean that I just sat through the wrong class?”

– “Where’s the tutoring office?”

– “I think I might register for this class; it was pretty interesting.” (this WAS said to me at the end of class…lol).

– “Quick, go to ‘Google Translate’!”

– “I think I’ve just discovered the cure for my insomnia!”

– “B.Y.O.D.? I thought it was B.Y.O.B.?”

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