How to use ‘Explain Everything’ screencasting app for iPad.


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  1. Hi Phil

    Great explanation of the explain everything app. I want to be able to record simple drawings in real time with audio recording (either with an integrated sound recording or using a seperate digital recorder) and then have the possibility to download the film as an mp4 and edit it without having the tool border showing. Do you know if this is possible with this app?


  2. Hi Annie,

    Yes, absolutely. The tool border does not show in recordings made using Explain Everything.

    In my tutorial, which was recorded using Reflector, the tool border shows because Reflector records the whole iPad’s screen “as it is”. Explain Everything does not record the screen “as it is” but rather all actions done on the screen – excluding the toolbar. So technically, my tutorial was not made in Explain Everything – it was made in Reflector, that just recorded what Explain Everything did.

    There are thousands of YouTube videos made in Explain Everything that don’t have the toolbar border and can serve as examples –

    Hope this helps.