The final countdown: digital timers for Mac users.

This timer looks like the countdown at the beginning of the TV series, "24". Go to to see more.

I went on a search for a countdown timer that I can put directly into my ‘Keynote’ presentation slides. I came across a free download of a digital timer from a website called, ipresentee. It has a pretty cool graphic (see image attached to this post as an example) and you can customize the countdown. I usually set my timer for mid-class breaks at 12:37 seconds. It’s a different spin on how to tell students that we don’t start back ‘around’ 12 minutes, but specifically at 12:37! When you say, “let’s take a 10 minute break”, it sounds too general and students stroll back between the 10, 11, or even 12 minute mark. I have found it’s better to put a specific odd number in there and let them know that when the countdown is finished, you get back to teaching. Just a tip, keep an eye on the timer and start prepping a minute beforehand so you will start at the 12:37 mark.

What timer do you use (either for Keynote or Powerpoint)?

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