Top 10 (or so) signs that you’re spending way too much time at the college!

– You suddenly feel the urge to call the maintenance office to clean off that dead fly that has been stuck on your office window for the past year.

-You refer to the people who work in I.T. as your “friends”.

-At lunchtime, you ask for “the usual” and all the servers who work behind the counters at the cafeteria know exactly what you mean.

-You’ve memorized the slideshows on the big screen monitors placed around the college.

-A student asks you for directions how to get to a specific classroom and you draw for them a detailed map that would put ‘Google Maps’ to shame.

– The administrative staff who work in the different departments throughout the college know you on a first name basis.

– You file a 3-page complaint letter to the union that the bathrooms aren’t being cleaned to your standards. Included in this letter is a proposed cleaning schedule, hand washing instructions, and where to find the best deals on plungers.

– You have bought your own carpet, wallpaper, and mood lighting for your office. Even worse, there is the gentle scent of your own ‘signature blend’ of potpourri throughout the office.

– You never have a problem finding a parking space in the morning because you’re always the first to arrive.

– You’re actually excited that your ‘Frequent Shopper’ card at the college gift/book store is nearly full, making you eligible to get a 10% discount off that sweatshirt with the college logo emblazoned on it.

-You can’t wear the same outfit two days in a row.

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