Burn fat, boost metabolism, and increase brain power during your summer vacation.

Boost your brain power

Boost your metabolism and brain power at the same time.

As Professors, we all know how scarce time can be when it comes to spending blocks of time to ‘overlearn’. Where do you find the time to keep up on recent studies and research, or future trends in your area of expertise? Once a semester begins, most of us only have time to focus on our courses and the administrative tasks that accompany them. So, I’d [Read more…]

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My Stress Management Program!

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Kiva.org: micro loans that change lives

Kiva loans that change lives

Recent update: The loan was just paid off in full!

I first stumbled upon the Kiva Organization when I was researching trends for a talk that I was doing for a local business organization. I thought it was a great idea at the time, but never got around to following through on registering and giving a loan. [Read more…]

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My Book Selections: ‘Moonwalking with Einstein’

The title alone was enough to get my interest, ‘Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art & Science of Remembering Everything’. Remembering EVERYTHING, that sounded cool, but then again, ask Jill Price and I think she would tell me that it isn’t so cool. I think I first became aware of this book while reading a Scientific American Mind magazine, which, by the way, I recommend that all profs should scan once in a while. The book looked like it was just what I needed to help me to effortlessly remember all of my students names and cell phone numbers in an instant. So, I went onto [Read more…]

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