Books I’m reading: ‘Be the Media’, by David Mathison

21st century social media trends.

I first stumbled upon David Mathison’s book, *’Be the Media‘ (*affiliate link), after searching iTunes for podcasts that discussed ‘new media’ trends. Since I wanted to ‘get up to speed’ on the subject during my sabbatical, I downloaded the ‘Be the Media’ podcasts onto my iPod to listen to on my walks. I found that the interviews, featuring guests such as marketing expert Seth Godin, Craigslist’s Craig Newmark, and Woodstock creator Michael Lang, were both entertaining and informative, so I decided to check out the book’s table of contents on the ‘Be the Media’ website. It was exactly what I was interested in, so I made the purchase. Plus, there was a “must read” endorsement by talk show host ‘Phil Donohue’. Hey, anyone who can run through a studio audience with a microphone in their hand like that, and not fall flat on their face, has my respect. I think I’ll try out that technique the next time I teach in a large lecture hall and see how I do.

This book is co-authored by a wide variety of experts, educators, and activists, so it provides a great overview for anyone that is interested in learning about the new way of ‘do-it-yourself’ self-publishing and producing: writers, musicians, film makers, and publishers. It covers several topics including podcasting, book publishing, film producing, the music business, licensing, and community radio to name just a few. I think this book would be of interest to ‘entrepreneurial thinkers’ and educators alike, especially those educators that teach social media-related courses that may be looking for a ‘new media’ reference guide. Don’t be intimidated that it’s about 500 pages long either. The chapters are written in a style that are more like a conversation, making it an easy read.

Mathison also ‘walks the talk’; you can only purchase the book on his website. You can check it out at

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